Bengals are a living work of art.

Not only are bengals bred to be the best companions with their awesome personalities, they contribute to any conversation for their beauty. If you are looking for a bengal, it is not a purchase you should take lightly. Do your homework and buy from a reputable breeder who puts the long hours into not only care for this unique breed but extensive hours of research to keep the breed healthy and better the bengal standard.

kitten2faceJust like you can buy a cheap picture from the grocery store or a beautiful work of art from a gallery. The same is true in buying a bengal. You might be able to find a bengal for cheap but you aren’t going to have the same beauty and health as if you were to buy from a reputable breeder. You know the saying “You get what you pay for.”

PrimeLine Bengals, offers gallery kittens. These are very high caliber Bengals with extensive research for top quality genetics. We want to stay a small cattery so that we can continue to provide the utmost quality in socialization and health. Breeding for big rosettes, browns, and snows; both spotted or marbled.

We are located in Amboy, Washington which is just 45 minutes from Portland, Oregon. Call or email me anytime to have an encounter with PrimeLine Bengals.


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